NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creating A Business Start-Up

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This 7-week course is perfect to support you with the skills and knowledge needed to start your own business, or if you want to develop and progress your business plan.

Starting your own business can be exciting, but it’s important to be fully aware of the initial processes and requirements of a business start-up. If you’re looking to start your own business, the level 2 Certificate in Creating a Business Start-Up will help you to explore business ideas and select the most appropriate option to develop. You will learn how to develop and progress your business plan so you fully understand your target market. The course will also teach you about marketing your business and the important legal and financial requirements you have to follow.

Course Content

This course is divided into 4 units:

Initial steps for a business start-up:

This unit will help you understand the initial steps of a business start-up. You will learn and understand how to develop business start-up ideas, understand business ownership and work out what resources are required to develop a business start-up.

Marketing for a business start-up:

You will understand the market that your business start-up idea will be positioned in and how to use market research to support the business start-up. During this unit, you will also understand how to develop a successful marketing strategy.

Legal and financial considerations when starting a business:

This unit will give you an understanding of the legal and financial factors that will affect your business start-up.

How to develop a business plan:

The aim of this unit is to give you an understanding of business planning and how to apply your theoretical knowledge to develop a final business plan.

Career Progression

By taking this Level 2 Course in Creating a Business Start-Up, you will learn how to progress your business plan so you fully understand the target demographic that you will be trying to target. This qualification would be ideal for those looking to pursue a career in;

  • Business Adviser (£20,000 to £45,000)
  • Business Development Manager (£25,000 to £60,000)
  • Business Project Manager (£22,000 to £70,000)

*(Salary information taken from the National Careers Service)

How you will be assessed

There are no exams, all courses require you to complete assessment questions based on the knowledge you have gained from the units, at your own pace.

What is NCFE?

NCFE is a national, educational awarding organisation that designs, develops, and certifies diverse, recognised qualifications and awards, including for distance learning courses. It is a registered educational charity that has been dedicated to learning for over 150 years. 

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