NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity

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In this 7-week, fully online course you can develop an awareness of issues surrounding equality and diversity, as part of an induction programme or just for personal development.

Britain is a culturally diverse nation that respects and values the differences in people. Companies are legally required to follow a set of practices to tackle discrimination and ensure equality for their employees. If you want to learn about equality and diversity in different contexts, this course will give you a great understanding of the different issues affecting equality and diversity in society today. You will gain an insight into the wide-ranging legislation that's needed to create a workplace centred on fairness, dignity and respect.

Course Content

This course is divided into 3 units:

Learn the importance of equality and diversity within different contexts:

In this unit, you will consider what is actually meant by the terms 'equality' and 'diversity'. You will begin to develop an understanding of the effects of stereotyping, labelling, prejudice and discrimination and will start to understand the different characteristics that make us who we are.

Gain an understanding of the different issues affecting equality and diversity in today’s society:

In this unit, you will consider the extent and the value of diversity within a chosen community. As a part of this, you will develop an understanding of the potential inequalities which can occur within a community and the support services and groups which exist to ensure equality and diversity is maintained.

Equality and Diversity in the workplace:

In this unit, you will develop an understanding of the meaning of equality and diversity in the workplace. This unit will cover how equality and diversity is monitored in the workplace and how the rights of individuals are protected.

Career Progression

This Level 2 Course in Equality and Diversity will help with both personal development and help you gain a strong understanding of the wide-ranging legislation that’s needed to create a workplace bound to the ideas of fairness, respect and that each employee is treated equal. It could also improve your CV for many different job roles;

  • Office Manager (£18,000 to £38,000)
  • Travel Agency Manager (£20,000 to £40,000)
  • Human Resources Office (£15,000 to £50,000)

*(Salary information taken from the National Careers Service)

How you will be assessed

There are no exams, all of the courses require you to complete assessment questions based on the knowledge that you have gained from the units, at your own pace.

What is NCFE?

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