Understanding Menopause in the Workplace | Multiple Choice Questions

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The aim of this course is to provide key knowledge and practical techniques for individuals, their colleagues and managers on enabling positive behaviours, positive thinking and understanding around the challenges of menopause. 

This course is suitable for learners seeking entry into job roles which require knowledge of menopause in the workplace, particularly healthcare roles such as healthcare assistant, staff nurse, midwife and sexual health educator. It is also applicable to learners seeking entry into cross-sector workplace mentoring roles and general human resources roles. 

Course Content

This course has three units

Understanding menopause:
This unit covers everything from the biology of menopause, to the physical and cognitive symptoms and the impact that individuals experiencing menopause at each stage. 

How to overcome the challenges of menopause in the workplace:
This unit will help you to understand the challenges experienced by individuals going through menopause, exploring how challenges in the workplace can be addressed. This includes reasonable adjustments and the importance of menopause policies. 

Symptom management and support around menopause:
In this unit, you will learn more about how individuals can manage menopause symptoms and the support that organisations can offer people going through menopause. 
How you will be assessed

There are no exams, and all questions are presented in a multiple choice format.

To complete the full format certification, accredited by Innovate Awarding, please click here.