Taxi Drivers: Safeguarding Children From Sexual Exploitation

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It is often a mandatory requirement for taxi drivers to complete a course on this topic, to obtain or renew their licence.

Child sexual exploitation is where a child or young person is encouraged or forced to take part in a sexual act. This is often in return for money, jewellery, new clothes, mobile phones, alcohol, drugs or a place to stay.

It can happen to any young person from any background and they can be targeted by abusers both online or in person. Taxi companies and taxi drivers can play an important role in spotting the signs that somebody might be at risk of abuse and in keeping people safe.

During this course you will be made aware of some of the signs and indicators to look out for and how to report your concerns.

Access Duration

You can study at your own pace from the date you purchased the course. You can complete the course in stages, revisiting the training at any time. It is self-paced so you can decide how quickly to progress through it.


Successful candidates will be awarded a digital PDF certificate of completion.